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Updated: 1/22/21 11:41 PM
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NOTE: A positive offset value represents a location beyond the cross street. A negative offset value represents a location prior to the cross street.

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Edens NB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested 43b Winnetka Rd (+0.2 miles) 10.2
Light congestion Winnetka Rd (+0.2 miles) Willow Rd (+0.5 miles) 0.8
Uncongested Willow Rd (+0.5 miles) Tower Rd 0.6
Light congestion Tower Rd Tower Rd 0.0
Uncongested Tower Rd Burnham Ave (-0.2 miles) 1.5
Unknown Congestion Tower Rd (+0.8 miles) Lake Cook Rd 1.2
Uncongested County Line Rd Clavey Rd 0.6

Edens SB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested IL-22 County Line Rd 0.6
Unknown Congestion Lake Cook Rd I-94 0.7
Uncongested IL-68 (-0.4 miles) Winnetka Rd (+0.3 miles) 4.1
Light congestion Winnetka Rd (+0.3 miles) Lake Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.5
Uncongested Lake Ave (-0.2 miles) Golf Rd (-0.3 miles) 1.7
Unknown Congestion Golf Rd (-0.3 miles) Church St (-0.3 miles) 0.5
Light congestion Church St (-0.3 miles) Church St (+0.2 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Church St (+0.2 miles) Dempster St 0.3
Light congestion Dempster St Lincoln Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Lincoln Ave (-0.2 miles) Elston Ave 4.9
Light congestion Elston Ave I-90 1.0

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