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I-94 EB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested Russell Rd (-0.3 miles) Church St (-0.3 miles) 36.4
Light congestion Church St (-0.3 miles) Church St (+0.2 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Church St (+0.2 miles) Elston Ave 5.5
Light congestion Elston Ave Lawrence Ave 0.4
Uncongested Lawrence Ave Kostner Ave 1.0
Uncongested IL-50 (-0.2 miles) I-94 0.5
Uncongested Kostner Ave Kimball Ave (-0.2 miles) 1.5
Unknown Congestion Kimball Ave (-0.2 miles) Kedzie Ave 0.5
Uncongested Kedzie Ave Fullerton Ave 1.6
Light congestion Fullerton Ave Armitage Ave (-0.2 miles) 0.6
Medium congestion Armitage Ave (-0.2 miles) Ashland Ave (+0.1 miles) 0.5
Heavy congestion Ashland Ave (+0.1 miles) Division St (-0.3 miles) 0.5
Medium congestion Division St (-0.3 miles) Milwaukee Ave 0.5
Heavy congestion Milwaukee Ave Chicago Ave 0.3
Medium congestion Chicago Ave Grand Ave 0.5
Heavy congestion Grand Ave Wayman St 0.4
Medium congestion Wayman St Lake St 0.1
Unknown Congestion Lake St Randolph St 0.1
Heavy congestion Randolph St Washington Blvd 0.1
Unknown Congestion Washington Blvd Monroe St 0.1
Medium congestion Monroe St Jackson Blvd 0.2
Light congestion Jackson Blvd I-290 0.1
Unknown Congestion I-290 Harrison St 0.1
Light congestion Harrison St Harrison St (+0.1 miles) 0.1
Uncongested Harrison St (+0.1 miles) Taylor St 0.2
Light congestion Taylor St 18th St 0.8
Medium congestion 18th St Cermak Rd 0.4
Light congestion Cermak Rd I-55 0.4
Unknown Congestion I-55 Wentworth Ave (+0.1 miles) 0.7
Uncongested S Wentworth Ave W 51st St 2.6
Unknown Congestion W 51st St W Garfield Blvd 0.6
Uncongested W Garfield Blvd W 57th St 0.3
Light congestion W 57th St W 59th St 0.4
Uncongested W 59th St W 63rd St 0.4
Unknown Congestion W 63rd St W 67th St 0.4
Uncongested W 67th St W 69th St 0.3
Unknown Congestion W 69th St W 71st St 0.4
Uncongested W 71st St US-12 3.1
Unknown Congestion US-12 (+0.1 miles) Dr Martin L King Jr Dr 0.9
Uncongested Dr Martin L King Jr Dr 103rd St (+0.4 miles) 1.6
Unknown Congestion 103rd St (+0.4 miles) 111th St (-0.3 miles) 0.4
Uncongested 111th St (-0.3 miles) 170th St (-0.3 miles) 7.7
Unknown Congestion 170th St (-0.3 miles) 170th St 0.3
Uncongested I-94 Burnham Ave 1.8
Unknown Congestion Burnham Ave (+0.2 miles) Wentworth Ave 0.4
Uncongested Burnham Ave Hohman Ave 0.5

I-94 Express EB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested S Princeton Ave W 47th St 2.8
Unknown Congestion W 47th St W Garfield Blvd 0.8
Uncongested W Garfield Blvd W 57th St 0.3
Light congestion W 57th St W 59th St 0.4
Uncongested W 59th St S Wentworth Ave 0.4
Unknown Congestion S Wentworth Ave I-90 0.4
Uncongested I-90 W 69th St 0.3

I-94 Express WB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested I-90 W 51st St 1.7
Unknown Congestion W 51st St W 51st St 0.3
Uncongested W 51st St S Princeton Ave 3.0

I-94 Reversible EB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Uncongested Montrose Ave Fullerton Ave 4.0
Medium congestion Fullerton Ave IL-64 1.4
Heavy congestion IL-64 Milwaukee Ave 0.8
Unknown Congestion Milwaukee Ave Ogden Ave 0.4

I-94 Reversible WB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Unknown Congestion Ogden Ave Montrose Ave 6.6

I-94 WB (Illinois)
Congestion From To Length (miles)
Light congestion Hohman Ave Wentworth Ave 0.2
Uncongested Wentworth Ave Burnham Ave 0.4
Unknown Congestion Burnham Ave I-94 0.5
Uncongested 170th St (+0.3 miles) 159th St 0.7
Light congestion 159th St Greenwood Rd (-0.1 miles) 0.5
Uncongested Greenwood Rd (-0.1 miles) 130th St (+1.7 miles) 5.5
Light congestion 130th St (+1.7 miles) 111th St (-0.4 miles) 0.3
Uncongested 111th St (-0.4 miles) Dr Martin L King Jr Dr (+0.1 miles) 3.0
Unknown Congestion Dr Martin L King Jr Dr (+0.1 miles) US-12 (-0.1 miles) 0.7
Uncongested US-12 W 51st St 5.5
Unknown Congestion W 51st St W 51st St 0.3
Uncongested W 51st St W 31st St 2.5
Light congestion 31st St (+0.1 miles) Cermak Rd (-0.1 miles) 1.2
Medium congestion Cermak Rd (-0.1 miles) 14th Pl 0.8
Heavy congestion 14th Pl Roosevelt Rd 0.3
Medium congestion Roosevelt Rd Taylor St (+0.1 miles) 0.2
Unknown Congestion Taylor St (+0.1 miles) Harrison St 0.2
Medium congestion Harrison St I-290 0.1
Unknown Congestion Eisenhower Expy Adams St 0.2
Medium congestion Adams St Monroe St 0.1
Unknown Congestion Monroe St Madison St 0.1
Heavy congestion Madison St Grand Ave (+0.2 miles) 0.9
Medium congestion Grand Ave (+0.2 miles) IL-64 1.5
Light congestion IL-64 Armitage Ave 0.5
Uncongested Armitage Ave Damen Ave 0.6
Unknown Congestion Damen Ave Logan Blvd (+0.1 miles) 0.9
Uncongested Logan Blvd (+0.1 miles) Belmont Ave (-0.1 miles) 0.9
Unknown Congestion Belmont Ave (-0.1 miles) Kimball Ave 0.5
Light congestion Kimball Ave Addison St (+0.2 miles) 0.6
Uncongested Addison St (+0.2 miles) Kostner Ave (+0.1 miles) 1.3
Medium congestion Kostner Ave (+0.1 miles) Edens Expy 0.2
Uncongested 43b Touhy Ave 3.5
Light congestion Touhy Ave Niles Center Rd (-0.3 miles) 0.4
Uncongested Niles Center Rd (-0.3 miles) Tower Rd 7.7
Light congestion Tower Rd Tower Rd 0.0
Uncongested Tower Rd Edens Expy Spur (-0.1 miles) 2.1
Uncongested US-41 IL-132 (-0.1 miles) 21.5
Light congestion IL-132 (-0.1 miles) Stearns School Rd (-0.3 miles) 0.7
Uncongested Stearns School Rd (-0.3 miles) Wadsworth Rd 2.7
Unknown Congestion Wadsworth Rd Wadsworth Rd (+0.6 miles) 0.6
Uncongested Wadsworth Rd (+0.6 miles) WI-165 (-0.3 miles) 6.3

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