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Minnesota Department of Transportation logo   Parking And Road Construction Information For Celebrating the Fourth of July in Stillwater

ROSEVILLE, Minn. –  With the upcoming Fourth of July fireworks and other events in Stillwater, we’d like to provide some information about parking and where you can and can’t watch the fireworks display this year.


If you are planning to visit the Stillwater area for Fourth of July festivities and fireworks, parking will be available in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. You will be able to park, if space is available, at the newly completed park and ride lot south of Wisconsin Hwy 35 and at the Main Trailhead lot across from the Houlton Elementary School. 

Parking also will be available in Wisconsin along specific Town of St. Joseph roadways to then access the Loop Trail to the new St. Croix Crossing bridge.

Please note: There will be no facilities (restroom, water, etc.) available in Wisconsin, so plan accordingly. 

In Minnesota, a limited amount of parking is also available at the new Minnesota Upper Loop Trail parking lot on the east side of Hwy 95 just south of downtown Stillwater.

And since the Stillwater Lift Bridge is currently being rehabilitated, there is no access to the Lift Bridge from either Wisconsin or Minnesota. There also is no access to the St. Croix River from Wisconsin since the old Wisconsin Hwy 64 and old Co. Rd. E are both closed to the public.

No stopping or parking on the St. Croix Crossing bridge

Stopping to let off passengers or parking on the new St. Croix Crossing bridge is prohibited. Law enforcement officers from both Minnesota and Wisconsin will be present during July 4 activities to keep traffic flowing across the new bridge and on Minnesota Hwy 36 and Wisconsin Hwy 64.

Maps of available parking and loop trail access in both states can be found on the Wisconsin project website on the “Full Overview” page,

Hwy 95 to open before July 4

Hwy 95, which has been closed between Hwy 36 and Nelson St. south of downtown Stillwater, is expected to be open to traffic by Mon, July 2. The roadway was closed and detoured for installation of new drainage structures beneath the highway near the Oasis Café to improve storm water runoff.

Visit the Hwy 95 project website for more details about traffic impacts and detours during construction.

And please remember, stay out of any construction zones in either state.

Construction of the loop trail system in both Minnesota and Wisconsin continues through this fall. The public is prohibited from entering these construction areas as there are a large number of construction vehicles, uneven terrain, excavation and other unsafe conditions that pose a risk to anyone who does not belong in the work area. 

In addition, those who are not working in the project area could be cited for trespassing. Your cooperation is appreciated to keep everyone safe during construction in both states.

We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

For updated road condition information, call 511 or visit

6/22/2018 11:52 AM (Updated 6/22/2018 1:49 PM)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation  logo   Dodge County-based Michels Corporation awarded WisDOT’s I-94 North-South Projects Central Segment Construction Work

 Dodge County-based Michels Corporation awarded WisDOT’s I-94 North-South Projects Central Segment Construction Work


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has awarded the central segment project to Michels Corporation headquartered in the Dodge County community of Brownsville. The bid for the work was $80,026,047.53 and was the lowest of five bids received.


Work on the project is expected to begin in July with an accelerated completion date by December 2019. This segment includes reconstruction of the mainline pavement on I-94 which will add a fourth lane of traffic both north and southbound in addition to rebuilding all existing bridges over local roads and the interchange at County K. The project stretches 4.5 miles from just north of WIS 20 to just south of County G in Racine County. The WIS 20 crossroads with I-94 will be rebuilt in 2021 in a separate project.


The 18.5-mile I-94 corridor will be open with all new lanes by Memorial Day 2020.


For additional information on the I-94 North/South project go to:


For the latest traffic information, visit:

6/21/2018 11:38 AM (Updated 6/21/2018 11:38 AM)

Kane County Illinois logo   2018 Kane County Pavement Marking Program

The annual Kane County Pavement Marking Program work will begin the week of June 25, 2018,
weather permitting. The work shall include installation of urethane and paint pavement makings
onto 248 miles of County highways as indicated on the attached map. County policy is to apply
paint pavement markings annually on the majority of the County’s rural highways and the more
durable urethane pavement marking onto the high volume County highways. This pavement
marking project will improve the visibility of the lane markings for the motoring public. The
work is anticipated to be completed by the end of September, weather dependent.

Temporary daily lane closures will be required Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00
PM to accomplish this work. Please watch for workers, equipment on the roadway and shoulders,
anticipate increased travel times and exercise caution while traveling in freshly painted areas.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Ray Johnson at (630) 406-7356.

For all Kane County traffic advisories, visit the Traffic Alerts Page of the KDOT website.

Work Zone Safety Alert

Drivers in this project area should be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, watch for
construction workers and construction vehicles entering or leaving the site, and obey flaggers and
other traffic control devices within the work zone.

Drivers should expect delays and may want to add additional time to their commutes and consider
the use of alternate routes while this work is completed.

KDOT reminds drivers that is illegal to talk on a cell phone or text while driving through a highway
construction work zone. The minimum penalty for speeding in a work zone is $375.

Click this link to find out how Kane County Drivers can “make zero fatalities a reality.” 

6/20/2018 8:47 PM (Updated 6/20/2018 8:50 PM)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation  logo   MEDIA ADVISORY

 On June 16, 2018, Governor Walker declared a State of Emergency in response to severe weather and flooding in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, and Iron Counties.  As a result, and as provided in federal law, carriers and drivers of commercial motor vehicles while in the process of responding to this emergency are exempt from federal and Wisconsin hours of service requirements in Part 395 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations and in Chapters Trans 325 and 327 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.  This exemption applies to all highways in Wisconsin, including the national system of interstate and defense highways.  

6/20/2018 6:18 PM (Updated 6/20/2018 8:23 PM)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation  logo   Paint Creek Bridge Replacement A Priority

The 195th Street Bridge over Paint Creek in the Town of Lafayette has been closed to all traffic due to safety concerns.  In addition, the channel of Paint Creek beneath the structure is also closed to waterway traffic.

The bridge was closed to all surface traffic on Sunday May 13th, after the Town of Lafayette learned that the bridge had significant deformation. On Monday May 21st, bridge inspectors from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) inspected the bridge to further evaluate the cause and extent of failure, and the results of that investigation prompted officials to recommend closing the creek channel beneath the structure to waterway traffic due to safety concerns. 

“This bridge has had a partial collapse with buckled pier piles and is in danger of further collapse. In addition to the existing closure of the bridge to vehicular traffic, I highly recommend closure to boat traffic under the bridge to ensure public safety,” said Scot Becker, WisDOT’s Bureau of Structures Director.

WisDOT structural engineers suspect an overweight load was the catalyst for this failure. Structural analysis was done to post this bridge at an 18-ton limit in recognition of the existing condition. With the planned inspection and monitoring of this bridge, WisDOT engineers believe strict adherence to the posted load limit would have enabled this bridge to service eligible traffic until the time of originally planned replacement in 2021.

The Town of Lafayette and Chippewa County took fast action and are in the process of closing waterway access under the bridge. Waterway closure warning devices are being installed this afternoon using a floating buoy & cable system. “Channel Closed” signs are being placed at the bridge facing both upstream and downstream.  The Wisconsin DNR has approved closure of the Paint Creek channel on an emergency basis. 

A new bridge is planned for construction in the summer of 2019. “Replacing the 195th Street Bridge over Paint Creek is a very high priority for the Town of Lafayette and Chippewa County,” said Brian Kelley, Chippewa County Highway Commissioner. “We appreciate the state’s quick response and we’re confident that we can work together to replace the bridge in 2019.”

Town and County officials are working diligently with potential contractors to schedule an expedited bridge removal project, with completion expected prior to July 4th. The channel will remain closed until the bridge superstructure and piers can be removed.

The department has instituted a replace-in-kind policy. The department’s emphasis is on maintaining a system of safe and effective bridges statewide. Eligible project costs are those that replace the existing structure, with necessary adjustments made to meet current standards, safety and other factors.

“The goal of the replace-in-kind policy is to get more safe projects done," stated Secretary Dave Ross. "This remains a priority because more projects mean enhanced safety and economic prosperity across Wisconsin. WisDOT partnering with Chippewa County and the local officials will result in a quality structure that will serve this community for decades to come."

WisDOT’s Local Bridge Program was established to rehabilitate and replace, on a cost-shared basis, the most seriously deteriorating existing local bridges on Wisconsin’s local highway system. The program funds up to 80 percent of eligible costs of the project.

5/22/2018 4:55 PM (Updated 6/9/2018 9:10 AM)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation  logo   WisDOT soliciting bids for local road work in Racine County

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is advertising bidding opportunities for key segments of the local road work in Racine County. Braun Road and International Drive are the roads included in this solicitation. The Department anticipates letting these projects on June 12.

Construction is expected to begin on both roadways in July 2018 and be complete by late 2019. Braun Road will be reconstructed between the East Frontage Road at I-94 to County H. The roadway will be reconstructed as a 6-lane divided highway. International Drive will be extended south to connect with WIS 11. The roadway will be constructed as a 4-lane divided highway. The projects will include additional traffic control equipment, landscaping, lighting and shared use paths.

Contractors should visit for information on any pre-bid workshops, letting dates and electronic plans. 

For additional information on the I-94 North/South project go to: 

5/8/2018 3:06 PM (Updated 5/12/2018 9:15 AM)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation  logo   WisDOT's I-94 North-South Project Team To Host Public Meetings

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) I-94 North-South project team will be hosting monthly meetings to allow the public to receive an update on mainline and local road construction in and around the Foxconn development site. The meetings will take place in the second Thursday of each month with the meetings in July and August being held on the second Monday. The meetings will get underway at 4:30 p.m. and will include a brief project update before allowing the public to ask questions of the project team.

The first meeting will take place on May 10th and will be held in the Auditorium at the SC Johnson iMET Center, 2320 Renaissance Blvd, Sturtevant. The purpose of the meetings is to share current construction status and provide a preview of work expected in the upcoming months.

For additional information on the I-94 North/South project go to:

For the latest traffic information, visit:

5/4/2018 3:38 PM (Updated 5/25/2018 8:22 PM)

City of Chicago logo   Chicago Bridge Lifts For The Spring 2018 Boating Season